9 Hair Colour Trends Experts Predict for 2021

June 17, 2021 3 min read

9 Hair Colour Trends Experts Predict for 2021

With every new year comes new hair colour trends to get excited about.

At Superior Hair Extensions, we’re looking forward to 2021’s hair trends, including stunning natural tones blended with modern flair, beautiful pastels, blues and The Queens Gambit style rouge. 

This year, hair colour trends are all about being individual and creating your own style.

The Wild Side

The first hair trends to focus on are those that are a little more out-of-the-norm, a bit wilder, and more risqué. However, these hair styles are well worth taking a walk on the wild side. 

1. Pastel Balayage

You can achieve dreamy pastel tones without bleaching all your hair thanks to pastel balayage. 

This style is best introduced on a foundation of light blonde balayage – with minimal caramel tones – but it can also work if your hair does have a warmer hue.

Fun shades like violet, baby pink, blue, and even rainbow can be achieved with pastels, so it’s all just a matter of preference. If you’re feeling a little more wild, you could ask for rainbow pastel balayage.

Or if you aren’t ready to commit to colouring your own hair, why not pick up some clip in or ponytail extensions from Superior Hair Extensions?

2. Fantasy Blue

Fantasy blue might be one of our favourite on-trend hair colours, featuring head-turning light blue hues. Think Megan Thee Stallion’s blue locks in 2020 or Kylie Jenner’s icy blue hair from the end of 2018.

While you could attempt this colour at home, we definitely recommend you invest in an appointment with your hairdresser first. This is because putting blue dye over warmer tones could (probably will) result in you getting green hair instead of blue.

3. Chunky Highlights

Those that lived through the 90s would know this trend, but we’re excited to see chunky highlights are making a comeback.

As the name suggests, these are thick highlights start at the root and continue along the length of your hair. They are meant to look contrasting and can be anywhere from 2.5cm – 5cm thick.

Back to Basics: A Modern Twist on Natural Tones

Hair doesn’t always have to be daring and bold – there are some trends for 2021 that will give your hair a new lease on life without going straight to “Fantasy Blue”.

4. “The Money Piece”

The money piece is a bright highlight that starts at the roots and continues to the ends, which frames your face and accentuates your features. 

A money piece suits just about everyone, as it can be customised to suit your hair colour, face shape, and style.

5. Rouge

For the uninitiated, The Queen’s Gambit was released on Netflix in late 2020 and focusesaround character Beth Harmon – an orphan who has deep copper red hair and is incredibly talented at playing chess. 

This shade of red hair does require a little maintenance to keep the colour looking fresh instead of faded, but we think the end result is well worth the upkeep.

6. Alpine Ice Balayage

Embrace your inner ice queen with the bright, ashy tones of alpine balayage.

This trend, which is a ‘whiter’ take on platinum blonde, certainly makes grey hair cool again; but you will need some regular upkeep to keep your hair from becoming brassy. 

7. Mushroom Blonde

If you’re looking for the perfect colour in between brunette and dirty blonde, then mushroom blonde hair is for you. 

Mushroom blonde is a flat light brown shade with quite an ashy tone, making it a safe colour if you’re looking for a not-too-drastic change. 

8. Glossy Black

Black hair is on-trend, so now’s the best time to take the plunge. You’d be forgiven for thinking that achieving black hair is easy because it’s just one colour: black.

But the trick to glossy black hair is a variation of tones, including dark brown highlights, which lifts the colour, gives it movement and makes it shine!  

9. Sand Tropez

Want to feel like you’re on holiday every day? Enjoy the beautiful pairing of warm sandy brown and cool beige tones with sand tropez. 

This bronde hair colour mixes highlights and mid-lights to give your hair that sun-kissed, beachy glow. 

Change Your Hair with Superior Hair Extensions

With so many different and amazing trends, picking just one to try in 2021 can be a struggle.

But you’ll be glad to know that when it comes to choosing where to purchase hair extensions from in Australia, the choice is easy: Superior Hair Extensions!

At Superior Hair Extensions, we make it easy to revive your hair style with a range of gorgeous ponytail and tape hair extensions made right here in Australia

Unsure which colour or style of extensions to buy? Contact Superior Hair Extensions today for convenient colour matching from the comfort of your own home.

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