#Royal Purple Clip In Streaks

  • A vigorous Violet. This deep purple conforms with royalty,  it’s the perfect hair enhancement for you queens out there.

    If you would like a colour match to be sure, go to our colour match page and take your pick. We have digital colour matching, or you can order our sample extensions or colour swatches. All of our full sets of extensions come with a piece of extension available for you to colour match before opening the package.

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  • Do you want to try something different, but not sure if it'll work?Needing a pop of colour to really lift up your look? Try our streaks for a temporary change! Don't spend extra money and time in a salon, simply clip these and and you're good to go!

    They’re hand-crafted, built to last, and made to match your style. 

    In a pack comes with:

    • 2x pieces 3.5cms with 1 clip firmly attached per piece. 

    Application time: 1 minute to add a pop of colour
    Longevity: With proper care your clip in extensions can last numerous years. 
    Do's and Don'ts 

    Our extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. However, they need to be cared for slightly differently to your own hair.  


    • Curl, tone, and straighten them.
    • Use your GHDs on them without any problem.
    • Wash hair extensions.
    • Dye them (always lighter to darker, only deposit it).


    • Don't use products containing alcohol as they can dry out the extensions and you don't want that happening!
    • Don't use shampoo designed for volume or for dyed hair.
    • Don't bleach or lighten the extensions.
    • Don't wear your extensions to bed; always take them out first.
    • Don't wear your extensions when swimming.

                                                                                                                                          For information on how to care for your extensions, check out our Hair Care Guide 

  • We offer 180 days exchange and returns, provided that the hair extension seal has not been opened, and the product has not been tampered with. Once they have been opened, we cannot accept any exchanges or returns. 

    Our Clip ins, Ponytails & Halo extension sets all come with a tester piece in the side compartment of the box. You can use this tester piece to determine if the color is a good match. Please do not tamper with this tester piece, as it is a part of the full set. This includes straightening, curling, dyeing, cutting, washing etc. Tester pieces need to be shipped back with your extension set for refunds and exchanges. 

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