Roll of Tape

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Our Replacement Tape Roll is extra strong tape adhesive for replacement of Superior Hair tape in extensions. This roll is perfect for those looking to customise their extensions and have extra tape on hand. This tape is made in the USA, is waterproof & latex free, and doesn't leave any sticky residue at the time of removal.

  • Strong Hold of 6-10 weeks
  • Waterproof & Latex Free
  • 3 Yards
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement Tape for many reapplications 

 For professional use only.



How long will one roll last?

One roll provides a whopping three feet of tape, and longevity will depend on how often you are installing your extensions and the size tabs that you choose to cut. 

Is the roll of tape for tape-in extensions the same quality as pre-cut tape tabs for tape-in hair extensions?

Yes - these products are virtually identical, but the roll of tape gives you better control over usage, while the pre-cut tape tabs are quicker to use.