While you can swim (in the ocean or in a swimming pool) with your extensions on, it is recommended that you avoid it where possible. The salt or chlorine in the water can strip the colors and the moisture out of your hair extension. It’s best to treat your extensions like newly dyed natural hair - and going swimming isn’t on the list! However, if you do go swimming or get them wet, wash your hair as soon as you can and use a spray-in conditioner to bring back some of the moisture. 

Heat & Styling

All SuperiorHair hair extensions made with the highest quality human hair - Remy hair. This means that you absolutely can use heat and styling tools to get the desired look. Curlers, straighteners, hair driers and more can all be used on your extensions.

However, they will react to heat in a similar way to your natural hair. Too much heat will damage and dry out your extensions. Like with your natural hair, make sure to spray a heat protectant on beforehand. And while it’s commonplace to use the higher heat settings on your natural hair, we suggest the heat settings are no higher than 250F. This is because your extensions have no natural oils to protect against the higher heat.


If you aren’t wearing our semi-permanent extensions, it’s important to know how to store them correctly. This mitigates any chance of matting, tangling, or knots, further increasing the lifespan of your hair extensions. Once you’ve taken your hair extensions out, gently comb through them using a wide-tooth comb, tangle teezer, or even just your fingers. Bundle them by wrapping together with your fingers and use the box they came in for storage.

Our packaging has been designed for this purpose. Reusable, it helps maintain the quality of your extensions for longer and decreases the likelihood of tangling and matting. Store this box in a cool, dry place and away from any direct sunlight. Make sure they are completely dry before storing to prevent mold from occurring.

Alternatively, you can purchase a storage unit. The benefit of these is that they allow the extensions to be hung, keeping their shape and preventing unwanted curls from forming. This also allows your extensions to be hung to air dry, and so can be useful in maintaining the quality of the hair. Whichever option you choose, proper storage means less harm to your extensions and therefore more time for you to enjoy them.

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