Ethical Hair sourcing

Not all hair is created equally - that is why we are hands-on
about our approach to ethical hair sourcing. We are proud to be transparent and devoted to following the strict guidelines relevant to the production of human hair products. We have never and will never compromise our moral integrity, so you can always trust our products are cruelty-free and ethically sound.

Our company does not endorse or support underage workers, underpaid workers, or any actions relating to unethical sources or production of raw materials.

This integrity goes beyond our sourcing practices and applies to every aspect of our product production. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint from our factory emissions to exploring earth-friendly packaging methods. We believe in future-proofing our practices now so we can all enjoy a healthy, happy planet in the future.

Sustainably sourced materials

The Superior Hair factory only sources human hair from its trusted suppliers. This ensures both the quality and integrity of the raw materials. These trusted suppliers source reputable adults from around the world to donate their hair. Why do we secure the best hair in the world? Because we pay our suppliers very well for their hard work, who in turn pass on these generous gains to their sources. It’s easy! We take care of the people who supply us with our raw materials.

Each and every single fine strand of hair is meticulously examined and tested along strict guidelines before being sent to our factory for the production of Superior Hair hair extensions. Ethical conduct is important for us, we strictly follow these guidelines from beginning to end.

Our Factory

Our successful manufacturing plant is located in Qingdao, Shandong, China. But it might be a bit different to what you imagine a factory to be. Our space is bright and spacious and filled with wonderful employees who love to work for us. Our innovative manufacturing methods are in line with global sustainability expectations and we are consistently improving this. We are a direct-to-customer company which means we can and do pass savings onto you. As a leading hair extensions brand, we produce a high volume of products each year, giving us the benefit of greater economies of scale. The result? Premium quality clip-in hair extensions without the luxury price tag!