#Chestnut Brown Highlights Ultra Seamless Tape In Extensions

  • What to be 100% sure it’s the right hue for you? Head to our color match page to have digital color matching done from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you can order our sample extensions or color swatches.

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  • It’s no surprise that tape Ins are one of the most requested semi-permanent methods in salons worldwide. These Ultra Seamless Tape-in Extensions have a smaller bond, creating an effortlessly seamless look once in. The difference with our other tape-ins? Ultra Seamless Tape-ins are lighter than our other tape-ins, more discreet than our Premium Tape-ins, but not as invisible as the Invisi-Tapes. Easily hidden, they are ideal for those who have thinner hair. Natural, resilient, seamless - Ultra Seamless Tape-in Extensions are lightweight, easy to attach, and even easier to apply. Each pack has 10 individual pieces (equal to 5 sandwiches) you can mix and match our different tape-in products and colors.

     10 individual pieces per pack (is equal to 5 sandwiches) you can mix and match our different tape in products and colors. 

    Approximate weight:

    • 14 Inches: 22 grams per pack 

    • 18 Inches: 28 grams per pack 

    • 22 Inches: 30 grams per pack 

    • 26 Inches: 35 grams per pack 

    Advised quantity:

    • 10-20 pieces to add some highlights or fill out shorter layers around the face
    • 30-40 pieces to add volume to existing long hair, ideal for thin, fine natural hair (the minimum quantity recommended for a full head)
    • 50-60 pieces to add length and volume to short hair, medium to thick natural hair, or for those who want ultimate length and volume.

    Application time: 45 mins for a full head application

    Longevity: Approx. 6-12 months. Individual installations can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. With proper care, the extensions can be reused for multiple applications

    All our hair extensions are made with high-quality Top Grade Remy Hair. This ensures the hair cuticles are in-tact, aligned and in the best condition. Starting off with superior virgin hair, the extensions are then washed in an eco-friendly bath to color the hair. No harsh dyes, acids, or chemicals are used during this process for hair extensions that are healthier and last longer than any other Remy products on the market.

    Ultra Seamless Tape In Extensions are to be applied by a professional stylist ONLY

     For information on how to care for your extensions, check out our Hair Care Guide!


  • We offer 90 days exchange and returns, provided that the hair extension seal has not been opened, and the product has not been tampered with. Once they have been opened, we cannot accept any exchanges or returns. 

    If you would like a colour match to be sure, go to our colour match page and take your pick. We have digital colour matching, or you can order our sample extensions or colour swatches. All of our full sets of extensions come with a piece of extension available for you to colour match before opening the package.

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